Companies: How

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are simply not big enough”

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Your company can select a specific project to support financially but you can also make an non-earmarked donation. You can create a positive incentive for your employees to organize a fundraiser or donate their year-end bonus by matching the funds they raise or the donations they make.

Our fund Ubuntu Impact Investments offers unique opportunities for impact investors.
Contact our organization for more information and an overview of opportunities.


You can be a great GreenDream ambassador if you use your internal communication channels to inform your personnel about GreenDreamFoundation and our goals. We can help you to formulate the message and inspire you to use your newsletters, employees magazine, monthly personnel gatherings, or other communication channels. Your PR impact will increase in case you make a call to action and stimulate your personnel to raise money or to shop on-line in favor of GreenDreamFoundation. The same applies to your external communication channels towards your client base. You can inspire your customers by publishing about your cooperation with GreenDreamFoundation in your marketing magazines and on clients events.


The services you offer or knowledge and expertise of your employees may be of great value to GreenDreamFoundation such as legal and financial advice or marketing and communications expertise.


Your company can support GreenDreamFoundation by donating in-kind to our organization in the Netherlands or to our projects in upcoming markets such as providing office equipment or office space for free instead of selling your products to us. Such support indirectly helps us to reach our goals by reducing our costs.


If you are willing to open your network for GreenDreamFoundation, you will create a flywheel effect. It will enable us to enter a wider world and connect with organizations that are linked to your business. Exposure to the mass may enable the Dream Teams to expand. Please contact us in case you have questions or wish to do something.