The five P’s

The five P’s

Inclusiveness is the business model that originates from this Ubuntu philosophy and that we use. In inclusiveness business motives (profit) are combined with a social contribution (people) and environmental sustainability (planet). We add two more principles to these three: Passion and Pleasure.

  • People: because we love people and are always looking for the best result. The Ubuntu philosophy is our starting point and we take everybody involved into account, our GreenDreamers, our partners and the people who work on our projects.
  • Planet: because we realize that we need the planet and not the other way around. We are a guest on planet earth and are supposed to behave ourselves accordingly, with respect.
  • Profit: because a healthy organization is also financially sustainable and must be healthy in order to maintain its right to exist in the future. Successful projects enable us to realize other projects so that we can create more jobs and the impact can increase.
  • Passion: because that is just the way we work, with our head, heart and hands. We are able to do so because all GreenDreamers fully support our core values and the goals of our foundation.
  • Pleasure: because that is what we want to bring to ourselves and others. We enjoy the beauty of the countries where we work as well as the people we work with. Pleasure is also what tourism is about and stands for.

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