Community Building

shell_transparentCommunity building, managing diversity, welfare and community development, here in the Netherlands as well as in upcoming markets, are at the heart of GreenDreamFoundation and these basic core values are grouped in our Community Building programme. It is our core business through which we operate in the Netherlands by creating employment, not only for paid staff but also for people with a distance to the labor market, for students and for volunteers. In countries where we are active, we can contribute to community building by improving the position of women, for example, or by tackling the HIV/AIDs issues raising awareness.

Lab achieved: GreenDreamCompany

shell_transparentFollowing the Ubuntu philosophy and the five P’s, GreenDreamCompany is the first pillar that successfully arose from GreenDreamFoundation, an independently operating private limited company that develops tourism industry in countries where King Solomon once traveled. Core activities are programme management and brand development.

Under programme management, GreenDreamCompany delivers programme directors who manage the tourism development programmes by localizing the sites where construction will take place, by finding and uniting the partners to build the tourism industry and by eventually ensuring the realization of the programmes.

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures is the first brand developed by GreenDreamCompany..

Lab achieved: GreenDreamAcademy

shell_transparentOur second lab in our track record, GreenDreamAcademy, arose around the basic element of knowledge. It is an academy that develops customized and modular TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) formats in the area of hospitality, touristic entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, communication, commercial skills, management and sustainable maintenance. The academy will offer these training modules on-site to organizations in countries of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures (SHT), carrying the SHT brand or that are affiliated with the brand. It develops for example training modules for employees of suppliers that are crucial in the total value chain of an SHT organization.

New Lab: Starting Your Lab?

shell_transparentAs an incubator of innovative ideas, new tourism development labs may arise depending on the needs along our journey to reach our destination. In the same way the nautilus animal creates new chambers as it matures, we may create new labs during our journey where the labs arise from each other and co-exist in interdependence. Our core, our existing labs and emerging labs also form a harmonious balance between being and becoming, of Ubu and Ntu, our moral compass Ubuntu.

Please contact us in case you see the need for another tourism lab!