For individuals: WHY

be the change

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi




Socially Responsible

Each change, however large or small, starts with people. Most people do not realize the impact they can have by being part of such change. As the small movements of the wings of a butterfly over here may bring about a huge change on the other side of the ocean, your ideas and actions – whatever they are – may have a positive impact on people who are somehow linked to GreenDreamFoundation.


When joining one of our GreenDreamTeams you will broaden your own network with interesting and knowledgeable people who share the same values as you.

Added value

When contributing to our goals in one way or another, you will add value and be able to be proud of yourself and of what we achieve as a team.

Interesting journey

But above all: you will be part of an interesting journey!

For companies: WHY

“When you want to travel fast, travel alone.
When you want to travel far, travel together”

African proverb


aardbolCSR Policy

GreenDreamFoundation can help you shape your Corporate Social Responsibility policy and give it a meaning by participating in some way or another. CSR does not only result in a financial profit but also in Social Return on Investment such as goodwill towards your company, a lower sickness absence and engaged employees. An example of participation could be to give your employees the chance to work one day per week for GreenDreamFoundation. Another example is Together-4-Better Expedition, a capacity building career tool offered by GreenDreamAcademy where your professionals strengthen their competencies and skills during an expedition.


GreenDreamFoundation has an interesting network both in the Netherlands and in Africa. For business partners we organize GreenDream network meetings twice per year where you can meet CSR like-minded entrepreneurs.

Employee and client involvement

When your employees can be involved in the contribution(s) your company makes to help us realize our goals, they will be proud to be an employee of your organization. Engaged employees will also run an extra mile and show a lower sickness absence. Clients who are involved will be more loyal and nicer to work with and for. Your involvement will be an added value for people and organizations wanting to join your company as an employee or as a customer.

Teambuilding and pride

When working together on an action for GreenDreamFoundation, your employees’ joint pride will increase. It improves the internal communication and team spirit and will develop talents and competences of individual employees. Your employees will sense the positive vibe of having ownership and achieving something positive together. The same can be achieved when working together with your client base towards reaching a specific goal.

Interesting journey

But above all: you and your employees and clients will be part of an interesting journey!

For individuals: HOW

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”

M. Proust

center of changeDonate

You can make a one-off donation but can also choose to make a regular monthly donation which is the most efficient way to support our work. Your financial support is very welcome at the account of NL97RABO0118531824 of Stichting GreenDreamFoundation.

Take action

Another way of raising awareness and funds is by organizing a fundraising event. The possibilities are multifold, from being sponsored by friends and family for your participation in a sports event to organizing a charity dinner. We can help you with ideas and promotional material.

Shop on-line

By shopping on-line through the right channels, you can donate to GreenDreamFoundation without additional costs for you! A very easy and accessible way to support us.

youbedoBooks that do well sells the same books (4 million titles) at the same prices* and under the same conditions as other book suppliers. Because you as consumer will pay the same price, 10% of your purchase price will go to a non-profit organization of your choice without any additional costs for you. So order your books from now on at YouBeDo!

*The Netherlands has the Law on Fixed Book Price which means that each Dutch book has the same price. With foreign books, prices may vary.

goededoelshopWhen shopping via you can shop at more than 300 well knows webshops (Zalando,,, Neckermann, Vrij Uit, Expedia, Bart Smit,

Blokker, ICI Paris XL etc.) and allocate a donation to the non-profit organization of your choice! You shop at the same shops and the same prices you are used to and donate without additional costs!

Here is how it works: 1. Go to and click on “Log in”

2. Click on “Ik ben nieuw” and create an account

3. Select your favorite non-profit organization at “Goede doelen” – Zoek een goed doel. GreenDreamFoundation will be an excellent choice!

4. Select your favorite shop at “Shops” – Zoek een shop

5. Select the product(s) you wish to purchase

After shopping you will receive a confirmation email of the webshop with the confirmation of your purchase and an email of indicating the height of your donation. More information can be found under the FAQ section (in Dutch).

Why wait? Have fun shopping!

bookdifferentDonating for free by booking hotels via BookDifferent
BookDifferent is a foundation that operates worldwide. Its primary goal is to support as many non-profit organizations as possible, across the entire globe, by means of financial donations. If you book your hotels through this link from now on, you will support GreenDreamFoundation without additional costs for you!

Five reasons to Book Different:

1. Guaranteed the lowest hotel prices

2. Support the good cause of your choice

3. 445.138 Hotels worldwide, in all price ranges

4. Selection of 5.623 sustainable hotels

5. Your booking will be processed without additional costs by the secured reservation system of, the largest provider of on-line hotel reservations

So why not book different?


A lot of work is to be done and we can use all the support that is offered, ranging from administrative assistance in the office in the Netherlands to marketing activities for one of the tourism destinations abroad. You will be able to meet interesting people and be energized by an inspiring environment.


Depending on the nature of your education, you may be able to turn your knowledge and skills into practice at our office in the Netherlands or be inspired by an internship at one of the tourism destinations abroad.

Civil ambassador

You can be a great GreenDream ambassador if you tell your friends about our work and spread your enthusiasm among your own personal network. One easy way is to Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. By sharing or retweeting messages, our visibility will grow and our news will reach a broader audience. Feel free to take initiative and create your own messages and tweets about GreenDreamFoundation. Please contact us in case you have questions or wish to participate in some way.

For companies: HOW

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are simply not big enough”

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Your company can select a specific project to support financially but you can also make an non-earmarked donation. You can create a positive incentive for your employees to organize a fundraiser or donate their year-end bonus by matching the funds they raise or the donations they make.

Our Ubuntu Impact Investment Fund offers unique opportunities for impact investors.
Contact our organization for more information and an overview of opportunities.


You can be a great GreenDream ambassador if you use your internal communication channels to inform your personnel about GreenDreamFoundation and our goals. We can help you to formulate the message and inspire you to use your newsletters, employees magazine, monthly personnel gatherings, or other communication channels. Your PR impact will increase in case you make a call to action and stimulate your personnel to raise money or to shop on-line in favor of GreenDreamFoundation. The same applies to your external communication channels towards your client base. You can inspire your customers by publishing about your cooperation with GreenDreamFoundation in your marketing magazines and on clients events.


The services you offer or knowledge and expertise of your employees may be of great value to GreenDreamFoundation such as legal and financial advice or marketing and communications expertise.


Your company can support GreenDreamFoundation by donating in-kind to our organization in the Netherlands or to our projects in upcoming markets such as providing office equipment or office space for free instead of selling your products to us. Such support indirectly helps us to reach our goals by reducing our costs.


If you are willing to open your network for GreenDreamFoundation, you will create a flywheel effect. It will enable us to enter a wider world and connect with organizations that are linked to your business. Exposure to the mass may enable the Dream Teams to expand. Please contact us in case you have questions or wish to do something.